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Criminal Justice Reform

Michigan’s criminal justice system has been designed to keep people (particularly people of color) locked in vicious a cycle of poverty and prison for the profit of private companies and individuals. Poverty and crime go hand in hand. In addition to policies that alleviate the economic burden off of poor and working families, it’s time for us to pass serious reform to the way our police and courts operate.

Kelly will fight to:

  • End the costly and ineffective “War On Drugs”
  • Legalize recreational marijuana
  • Expunge the records of every person charged with marijuana-related offenses
  • Release anyone currently incarcerated for marijuana-related crimes
  • Address drug addiction (especially addiction to opioids) as a public health issue, not a criminal issue
  • Redesign police training to prioritize de-escalation, use of non-lethal force, and racial bias awareness
  • Adopt a statewide licensing system for every police officer in order to prevent officers with records of misconduct from transferring to a different department with a clean slate
  • Require body cameras for all police officers and set clearly defined penalties for turning them off or covering them while on duty
  • End “broken windows” policing methods which unfairly target poor communities
  • Replace Michigan’s cash bail system with the administration of ankle monitors for people who would otherwise be required to post bond, allowing those who have been charged to continue living their lives instead of being locked in jail without being convicted of a crime
  • Reform Friend of the Court to end SNAP and Medicaid reimbursement fines which jail low-income parents
  • Reduce police officers in schools and invest in counselors, offering students the psychological and emotional support they need
  • Repeal Rick Snyder’s prohibition of “Ban the Box” and then pass statewide “Ban the Box” legislation to prevent employers from discriminating against applicants previously convicted of felonies

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