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Universal Healthcare

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.  Healthcare is not a commodity, it is a necessity, a vital component of mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being and security for every individual and family across Michigan.


Financial security for Michigan families depends on a strong economy, with high demand for workers of every kind, skill level, knowledge base, and core competencies. A strong economy is built from a base of well-paid workers with sufficient income to confidently buy goods and services beyond basic necessities.

Reinvesting in Public Education

Public education is the foundation of democratic society. What we teach our children about the world and how it works, from math, physics, and chemistry to interpersonal skills, social ethics, and good government - these are the nutrients that grow the future of our communities.

Criminal Justice Reform

Michigan’s criminal justice system has been designed to keep people (particularly people of color) locked in vicious a cycle of poverty and prison for the profit of private companies and individuals. Poverty and crime go hand in hand. In addition to policies that alleviate the economic burden off of poor and working families, it’s time for us to pass serious reform to the way our police and courts operate.

Rebuilding & Innovating Our Infrastructure

Public infrastructure is a key pillar of our society. What we build together is a statement of our shared values, a testament to what we can do when we work together for our common good, in the public interest, for the benefit of everyone.

Energy & Environment

A healthy, sustainable, and resilient natural environment is the prerequisite for human society. Our society relies on energy to power virtually every activity. We must embrace and deploy clean, sustainable, and resilient energy systems. The alternative is nothing less than the collapse of our civilization.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Our country has made enormous strides in recent decades toward ensuring that our LGBTQ+ friends and family have the freedom to live in dignity. We celebrated the Supreme Court’s landmark marriage equality decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, but we know that we have so much more to do to ensure equality for all, no matter who you are or who you love.

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