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We are friends and neighbors, parents and children, workers and business owners, students and teachers, sisters and brothers, of every color, ethnicity, religion, and gender identity. We are people from rural communities, small towns, big cities, and suburbs; we are native-born and immigrants. We are rich and poor, housed and homeless, working and jobless. We are people from every walk of life and personal experience, across the state of Michigan.

We believe our government has failed for decades to do what is right for the people. Democrats and Republicans alike live on lobbyist payrolls, their bribery and corruption now legalized by the Supreme Court. Both parties gerrymander their districts, dividing us up like poker chips, writing their own victories into law before we’re even allowed to cast a single vote.

Our government no longer serves the common good. Our politicians pass laws written by their paymasters, protecting corporate profits and hoarded wealth by robbing the rest of us. Hucksters brazenly peddle snake oil government and placebo policies on the nightly news, confident they’ll go unchallenged, as journalists and pundits alike forgo meaningful policy analysis for parroted talking points and scandalous sensationalism.

That's why we are collectively taking a stand and working together to elect Bernie Sanders as our next President.

Michigan for Bernie is a grassroots lead organization aimed at helping Bernie supporters form or join groups in their local areas, provide tips and resources to local groups, and amplify the work that is being done to elect Bernie all across Michigan.

Paid for by volunteers, not the billionaires!
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